The P-02B is a GP1 car, designed and built by haunetal1990 for use in several sim racing series.

2015 seasonEdit

After being developed for Race4Speed's partner DLM Racing e.V.'s to run in the 2015 FormelDRL season, the car was scheduled to run in the first chapter of the R4S GP1 series in 2015. This plus the combination of custom teams led to a dispute between Race4Speed and DLM Racing e.V., as organizers said Race4Speed would create a concurrence series within the league's partnership, but nevertheless Race4Speed gained quick success with  more then 30 registered drivers for the first season. However, the season was abandoned after two events and left the FormelDRL series as sole series to use the P-02B.

2016 seasonEdit

In 2016, when the Race4Speed GP1 series was set up in only a few weeks, the series organizers decided to use the one year old P-02B chassis again, which should have attracted some of the abandoned FormelDRL series. However, this wasn't fully workingout. Nevertheless, Race4Speed gained succes in the first events of 2016, when 18 drivers attended at the first event.

The car was set to be used in the 2017-I GP1 season aswell, but was replaced only four weeks before the season start by it's successor, the P-02C/17.