Marcos Arancibia, racing for Argentina, joined the GP3 league in October 2013 and is so one of the drivers of the "first hours" when the whole league switched to rFactor. In his first season he competed for Marussia Manor Racing and was hardly successful, but scored his first points already in his second appearance in Silverstone. In pre-2014 he was linked to Status GP, where he joined later for the 2014 season.

Due to his connection problems he never made it to be one of the more successful drivers up to yet, but he got a good reputation as "at least trying it".

2013-14 GP3 SeasonEdit

In 2013-14 GP3 Winter League season he joined Marussia Manor Racing together with title defender Carlos Frau, but was hardly successful against dominating Frau. Still he managed it to achieve two points in his second appearance in Silverstone and got two season-highs in Italy and Abu Dhabi, finishing 8th and helping his team to achieve P3 in Teams' championship, aswell as achieving P12 in Drivers' championship.

13-14 Arancibia

2014 GP3 SeasonEdit

Despite having success with Marussia Manor Racing and keeping up the learn curve, he switched teams during off-season to compete for Status GP in 2014.

On the first event of the 2014 GP3 League season he scored his best finish ever, achieving P5 in the sprint race. Unfortunately for him he wasn't able to keep up the success and scored four DNFs in a row before finishing 14th in Germanys feature race. Right after that he declared to take a break from GP3 racing and to train for Italy rounds from now on.

14 Arancibia

Full resultsEdit

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